Tomorrow: An Official Day of Mourning

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Ok, call me crazy but I always think it’s so insane when the president declares and official day of mourning. I mean, shouldn’t mourning come as you feel it? Let’s remember I used to be a hospice nurse… I’m all over mourning.
Anyway, I am already declaring tomorrow an official day of mourning at the Ericksons. You see, grandma is going home {sigh}. I have started preparing Spencer for the fact that Grandma is leaving, and he’s already in denile. Vigorous shaking of the head insues each time she says she’s going. So, tomorrow at 12:00’ish when we drop her off, if you hear a high pitch scream, you can know it’s coming from our Forrester.
Oh well, if you never know the sadness, you’ll never know the joy of when we walk into their house in about 2 months from now.
OH yeah, and I just saw this I believe that book may have healing powers…. great sidebars too, coughcough by Hilary Erickson RN, BSN coughcoughsneeze.

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    Aww I hope Spencer can handle the seperation! SO hard on the little guys but you get to see her so soon – lucky dog!

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    It is truly a day of mourning when Grandma leaves. The first time Bria had to deal with it after we moved away from Grandma she literally cried for days.
    Sigh. Hope you survive the day. :)

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    LOVE the new banner…. love love love it!!

    So great that your kids love your mom so much! So fun that you get to see them in a couple of months!

    When are you going to Utah??

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    so sad! At least you got to have her for a while. We would love to have someone…anyone…please! (j/k)

    Abi asks almost every day if we can go back and live by Grams and Keenan asks if he can call “branca” (granpa) almost every day. They loved living there…forget about how much Jody and I loved it! Grandparents are great!

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