Monday, June 12, 2006

It Takes a Lot of Crap to Drive Across the Salt Flats

I just spent all of my 5th to the last day of Kindergarten (2 of which will be spent AT Kindergarten) going from store to store to get sTuFf to take to Utah on our trip. Of course, there were a few things to get for the baby shower I'm hosting (waiving to Becky) but most of it was crap to fill time for our backseat friends.
Let's see... I got transformers, play cell phones, some lighted necklaces, those little water games, tiny slinkies, little video games, play cars...ok... perhaps it'd be faster to say what I didn't get -- plutonium, and sharp knives.... pretty much anything else, it's in my bags. I have 2 concerns:
1) Filling the time. Does anyone have some stuff they've used in the car that got rave reviews? I am not against buying more stuff.
2) Dealing with the 2 fighting over the stuff that we do have (I swear each one ALWAYS wants what the other one has, and then we switch and they want what the other one has.... and we switch). Anyway, I have a little plan on doing FHE next week on sharing, etc. That book "Siblings without Rivalry" gave me some great ideas, and it's somethig I'd like to talk about before we embark on our journey. BUT, does anyone have any bright ideas on that one?
Ok, and before ANYONE mentions a DVD player. I have a firm belief (stupid as it may be) that children should be able to sit still, enjoy the journey and not be glued to a DVD player for our 13 hour drive. So, I'm talking learning toys, things we can all do together. Good crap like that.


  1. Hey, I would have mentioned the DVD player I know that for me it is a lifesaver, not for the whole trip but at least one or two movies, not back to back of course. Other games that we have tried with Lodon, are looking for road signs and since connor is done with kindergarten, and knows his letters you can find letters on signs. Stickers always keep my girlie busy, although you might end up with them in places you would rather not have them (the window) Anywho, just some thoughts.

  2. Oh crap... I was going to say DVD player!

    I have a friend that had a whole theme to their car trip... every thirty minutes they would pull something out of bag and then they would do it together like coloring or singing a song or a new toy. But the kids were good because that was the rule if they wanted something out of the bag o' tricks. But her kids were also a little older too... don't know if that would work with your two year old.

    Have fun in Utah!!! I'm right behind you!

  3. I like what you didn't buy! :-) I guess you'll be playing endless hours of I spy, singing songs, telling stories etc. Are you sure you don't want a DVD player????

  4. Hilary, Hilary, Hilary...

    I was TOTALLY against the DVD player in the car. But, I caved for the 26 hour drive of last summer. And I am SO glad I did.

    We don't let them watch it for the whole trip...but it is nice to take an hour break from the fighting and just watch a movie...and it can be a learning movie!

    Otherwise, something that works great for our family is to make a CD of our favorite songs...the girls LOVE it, and we sing together and have a lot of fun. And I'm not talking kid's songs, (although we have those too), I'm talking Beach boys and Tower of Power and James Brown and 5th Dimension, etc.

    Books, coloring, I don't really do too many toys, and the ones they like to bring are like dolls and ponies. I'm thinking your kids wouldn't dig that so much.

  5. Oh...and our solution to the fighting thing is this: We put a big suitcase between the two carseats and they can't even see each other much less fight.

    Of course, we had nowhere else to put the suitcase in our tiny car...

  6. We brought all kinds of tricks but nothing was so popular as the thing that played movies. There I didn't say it.


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