Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Thoughts on Breastfeeding

I keep seeing all this "controversy" on the news latel about breast vs. bottle. Some of you know that I didn't breastfeed. I would say it wasn't really an option, because I didn't have enough milk. I am sure there are some people out there who said I should've tried harder, and longer and with more vigor. Truth be told... I was too tired. I pumped vigorously for a week, but with no results with that for a while, as well as trying to take medications to increase which either didn't work, or made me crazy I decided to stop.
Truth be told, I know that breastfeeding IS better.
It's cheaper, it's easier when you're out, you don't have to carry refridgeration with you all the time, it's obviously better for your baby.
I just don't get what the whole brew-ha-ha is though. Seems like the answer is that breastfeed if you can, and if you can't -- you've made that decision. PLENTY of parents don't read to their children, or put them in shotty daycares, or don't play with them, and we don't attack them. Everyone just does the best they can. And I'm pretty sure that 90% of moms feel this same way.
To quote Top Chef, "It is what it is."


  1. I think it's pretty crazy myself. Sure, I breastfed, but I've seen enough people not be able to for whatever reason that I can totally understand the choices. I also saw someone refuse to do anything else when it wasn't working. Guess what happened? Her baby got put into the hospital after a few weeks for is that a good thing?

    When Chloe was under her tanning bed all the time she had a really hard time with it. She'd take a bottle okay, but it was really hard to get her to latch on to the breast. When I called the lactation specialist for a little help she yelled at me and berated my doctor for ever allowing her to take a bottle. Ummm....I'm not going to starve my baby, lady! I can't stand breastfeeding Nazis.

    Ummm..maybe i should just write my own blog about this in your comments section, eh?

  2. I'm totally with you. I tried for 3 MONTHS with almost drove me over the edge...all the nursing (or pretending to nurse since there wasn't any milk) then hand him off to Dad to really eat out of a bottle while I pumped to stimulate more...blah, blah, blah! The other two have gone straight to the bottle instead of going through all THAT again! Even if it would have worked better the other two times around, it's MY decision and it affects MY kids and, you're right, everyone is doing the best they can for their kids, so I wish the breastfeeding Nazi's would just give it a rest and encourage good parenting. They way my Dr. put it, as long as you're feeding your baby, you're a good mom! Amen!

  3. I always wondered if you couldn't make milk because you don't like to drink it! what's your hypothesis?


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