Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My traditional views on DVD players in cars

(because I love nothing more when I'm at home)
When I was 2, my parents drove from UT to VA, and back again. And when I was THREE, they drove from UT to Princeton, and back again. They did this all without a DVD player.
Seriously, how insane is that?
I completely know I'd love the DVD player. I know I would. I think my kid would even enjoy it becuase it's a rare occasion that I allow them to watch a movie at our house.
Somehow I want to prove to myself that I'm just as good as my mom and I can make it from just CA to UT without audiovisual enteratinment (but we do use a lot of audio entertainment -- love the tunes in the car). And, although I am going to regret saying these words in 2 weeks. This is family time. Time to talk, time to play together, time to sing... and I know none of that would happen if we had a DVD player. Pretty much, the whole trip would be
Conner: "Mom, when can we watch a movie"
Spencer: "Meeme {movie}, Meeme, Meeme"
Conner: "How many numbers do I have to count to, til' I get to watch a movie?"
Sepencer: "Meeme, Meeme, MEEEME" {blood curdling scream}
Conner: "Mom, Spencer's screaming."
Drew: "Can't you do something? I can't concentrate on driving."
Mom: "[portions of this conversation were not allowed due to my filter]!!!! And WHERE is the Benedryl?"
Anyone seeing this picture in their minds eye?
Anyway, those are my thoughts. Take them for what you paid for them. :)


  1. Funny you mentioned Benedryl, because that was going to be my suggestion for your last blog. I am going to be such a good mom, aren't I? Give the kids Benedryl and have them be really sleepy the whole way. ha, ha.

  2. Just think if you had to deal with that 24-7 with an installed dvd player in the car. That's why we decdided against the dvd player in our van. We decided to go with the portable so it was only an issue on long trips. And so far my kids record is lasting 45 minutes before fighting and we run desperately for the movie. And we still have hours and hours of driving to find out if they can break their record!

  3. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Maybe one of your kids will go to sleep right after they get in the car regardless of the scenic beauty you are passing. Then they wake up for lunch, eat, go right back to sleep. Now this kind of kid doesn't cause any problems but you sort of wonder why you are bringing them along--especially if they say "When you've seen one pine tree, you've seen them all while driving through Kootenai National Park in Canada. dad


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