Friday, June 02, 2006

The Secret World of Teachers

We went to a party at one of Drew's fellow teacher's house tonight. It was an 80's party, which was amusing. And a great party theme. However, I knew no one there and everyone that I didn't know had beer in their hands (except for our friend Katie -- who, actually I do know -- she's pregnant).
I think I've realized I'm not much of a party person. I don't like loud music, I HATE the smell of alcohol, and don't EVEN ask me to meet new people. I'm pretty well used to the Muppet Show and naps...


  1. I can totally relate. ANd what is funny is that those teachers have a secret life! We went to a fund raiser a couple of years ago for my Stepmom Autistic school and one of her friends brought her son's teacher. They were the wildest bunch of women and I thought THAT lady is a kindergarten teacher!?

  2. I hear ya!! Outside of church members, there aren't very many people out there that have the same ideals and morals as we do. It makes being good friends really hard! I'm going to post a blog today about my experiences last night concerning the same type of stuff. Check it out.

    Thanks to you, I feel a huge need to make a post on my blog!


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