Sunday, June 04, 2006


Ok, there I've said it.... MANY girls look like hussies on Prom night. We've had them to our house, I've had to duct tape their dress to them, etc. and I can only imagine (because, no -- I didn't look like a hussy on my prom night) how uncomfortable those girls are. I was so proud to see my good friends go to their prom in style. In a style they could be comfortable in, and a style in which they'd be happy to show their kids the AMAZING photos I shot for them (did I mention amazing?). I know that we in the LDS church kind of harp on modesty in our youth and I am so glad these girls took the info and stuffed it in some crevice for this particular "future" time.
P.S. I am not in any way referring to these fine young women as slutty... fyi. :)


  1. totally digging the modesty. Why can't girls see that you can be uber cute AND modest at the same time?

  2. Lady in red I am digging that dress. Makes me want to get all dressed up.


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