Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That's what Friends are For...

Tonight I hosted (along with my buddy Michelle) a baby shower for my good friend Becky. It was truly a pleasure to do it. Becky has become one of my closest friends here and I love being around here. I also love being around all of my other friends. I am so glad to be near people who "get" me. I just feel truly blessed.
On a sidenote. Conner has started a spongebob typing class (it's a computer game). I was so amazed how quickly he's picking up which finger goes to each letter.
The kid's a rockstar, I'm telling you. AND I bribed him with cake, to stay in his room and go to sleep while we had the shower. He'll have a nice piece waiting for him tomorrow.
Happy baby Becky!!!!


  1. Thanks a lot! Now I have that stupid song in my head..."Keep Smiling...Keep Shining...That's what friends are for" Anyway, I had loads of fun tonight!

  2. Great fun. I need to get another bucket of those cream puffs. (One for me and one for the baby!)

  3. Glad your shower was successful!! And awesome of Conner for learning to type so soon. I remember when I was in 6th grade there was this kid in my class who could type REALLY fast and I was so impressed. I am sure Conner will be that kid...although nowadays kids probably learn earlier because of the computers...


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