Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wary-wary Inta-westing....

Any of your LDS girls read your Ensign yet this month? There are some really interesting articles in it. For instance this one on dating vs. hanging out. Seriously, where was this talk while I was AT BYU? It really made me think though, SO often, men and women are just hanging out these days and perhaps that is the reason that people aren't getting married.
Next to that article was another one on dating. I am impressed that the Ensign is putting so much effort forth on these topics in this month's.
And finally, a good old fashioned modesty article. Similar to the lines of a previous blog entry, but good stuff neverthless.
Anyway, I try to read 1 Ensign article each night before bed. I probably get a tad more out of it than reading my scriptures most times (which I do in the morning). Anyway, good stuff... especially for you young ladies out there considering college. Grab your parent's Ensign and dig in. Of course, you should still be hanging out til' College. But good advice for days to come.

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  1. Loved those articles...and my thoughts were totally along the same line as yours.
    Did I ever tell you that Joel's Stake President had to tell him to ask me out? Yeah...he was one of those who took the waiting until you're 16 to date a little too far.
    I love his Stake President. :)


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