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There’s just something about Utah.
Utah radio stations, that is.
I’m driving home from my friend, Melissa Beutler (she’s Melissa Hansen now, but seriously — who can remember to call their pre-married friends by their married names? not I.) and I’m on University Avenue.
98.7 the Bee. Besides a few Clay Aiken songs I swear this station hasn’t changed an ounce since I was driving to pick-up Melissa Beutler or sat for endless hours with my friends in their cars (GIRL FRIENDS PEOPLE). Amazing how some things change emmensely (cough,cough, the RB parking lot sneeze, cough)… and some don’t change at all. It’s those little things that make coming home all worth it.
Anyway, I saw the sign, and it opened-up my mind, I saw the sign… no one’s gonna drag me up to get into the light where you belong…. now, where do you belong?

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    OH. my. Gosh. That song is like the epitome of my sophomore year in college. Not sure why…but, yeah…go Ace of Base!!!!

  2. says

    So had the same experience a couple of weeks ago when I was home in Utah… it seems like the Bee even has the same DJ’s from when we were in High School… crazy… but it’s always fun to go home and be a little nostalgic.

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