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As a youth, I thought bunkbeds were dumb. They were dangerous, difficult to keep clean… and did I mention dangerous.
And WHAT did we buy today? That’s right, bunkbeds. There’s just no way to keep living in this house without expanding vertical.
So, expanding is what we’re doing (vertical, not # of children). I have threatened Conner within an inch of his life if he were jump off those beds he’ll be sleeping the night on the floor.
Luckily, they won’t be delivered for a few more days, so I can ingrain some fear into him some more.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    after brittany’s big explosion i feel a little obligated to let you know that i check your blog from time to time. i enjoy your photography and i really like your title bar and how you always change it. i am interested to know how you do it. you seem like a very talented and thoughtful person. no wonder you’re a nurse! i have been tempted to comment on your blog a few times, but thought it might be a little weird since i don’t know you. kind of like the person who always butts into a conversation they aren’t included on. but i think it would be hip if someone i didn’t know comented on my blog- so here i am! anyway. just wanted to let you know that stuff. thanks brit for breaking the ice. (leave it to brittany, eh!)

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    You are daring, giving your kids bunkbeds! My son has a loft bed, he jumps off of it. So far nothing is broken!! Good luck!

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