The Evils of CA

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Now, why does everyone think Californians are evil, and snobish? At least, that seems to be a consensus here in UT. I remember when we were moving to the Bay Area, SO many people were shocked. I had a LOT of people pull me aside and tell me that they have whole GAY WARDS in the Bay Area, that the church just isn’t as true there. I’ve also heard comments about people in CA think they are better than other people.
A) I always think that people who think that other people are better than they are (and don’t get me wrong, I’ve thought this a time or two) are actually thinking they are better than said people. Just an observation.
B) The church is just as true in CA and I know I have learned more about the church and obviously have become more willing tos hare my testimony and beliefs since we’ve been there. People who don’t think they can move from UT are missing out. I have learned so much about myself, about my marriage, about who I REALLY am since we moved to CA.
Anyway… we’re not heathens, we are not then “unwashed” and if you think that way — best be time to run a shower for yourself. :)

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    Wow – glad I live in CA! :-) Totally agree. Usually when someone is complaining about something they don’t like in others – they have the same problem!

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    I have to be the “what?” on this one. I have never heard anyone talk about that and I have lived there forever…But I have faced the opposite since moving here. Many times when I mention that I am from Utah I get the eye roll, or people will say all kinds of things about Utah. Even last testimony meeting someone said that people in Utah have to go to church because of the pressure:) I had to laugh. I guess the talk happens everywhere you are, but I don’t understand why. I have never faced it until I moved here.

    Can our states make up and be friends? :)

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