In Just 5 short Years

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Shocker of all shockers, the ericksons have been in Utah. Perhaps many of you don’t know the paranoia I have about saying we’re leaving our house on our blog. Always worried that bad people are going to come and eat all our food storage. But, thankfuly, we’re home now with all our food storage intact.
As we were driving out of Provo I was thinking about the same drive we took just 5 short years ago. We had just made the decision to move to CA and had just sent all of our worldly belongings in a Grabel moving truck. I bawled as we left my parents house. So much unknown, too much work. Just wanted to make a U-turn and drive back to the safety that Utah held for us.
But, drive-on we did. I realized that the salt flats is the WORST drive ever (amen). And now, 5 years later I am so grateful we took that giant leap.
As we left Utah this time, we were excited. I have so many friends about ready to give birth to new little ones, I have friends that I missed and a home that we love. Just felt so grateful for the blessings that God had granted to us in those 5 short years.
May the next five be even better.

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    I hear you! I feel the same way… only we’ve been gone for almost eight. I would love to move back someday but for right now I love how close we are to each other and happy of my personal growth… don’t know if it would have happened if I hadn’t ventured outside my comfort zone.

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