July 12th: Step away from the sprinkles

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Some of my more avid blog readers perhaps will realize that this is a VERY stressful day in Hilary’s household. Today is Conner’s birthday. Not only do I buy presents and make him feel like the most special boy on the PLANET (which, apparently this year was done by sending him to his cousin Grace’s house all day) but I have to make him a CAKE. No, no storebought cakes yet AGAIN this year. homemade all the way.
And thankfully, grandma did the main part of the homemade part. She did a gluten-free cake (my mom cant have any wheat or wheat products, she’s allergic to them) but left me in charge of the frosting.
I ruined one batch. Apparently my fluffy, and the recipe maker’s fluffy aren’t the same thing.
But, the second batch turned-out fine. I even put sprinkles on in the shape of the #6. I wanted to do more sprinkles around the outside, but I have made the choice to step away from the sprinkles.
Anyway, that’s this year’s saga… made less-interesting courtesy of my mother (who, btw, her cake did have a little sink-in in the middle but nothing NEAR the pancake cake last year). But, happy birthday to conner, nevertheless!!!!

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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