The life of dialup

Hello, this is being typed from the land of dial-up modem. People, I have never been so grateful for my DSL in all my life, I’ll be writing my check to Comcast with a little spring in my step next month.
Built us a little waterslide up here at Drew’s parents pond. Had a great time yesterday, and then Conner and I were going down, both flew-off our tube and he landed on my nose. Let’s just remind ourselves that there are a lot of blood vessels in one’s nose. They were all open and gushing yessterday. Lucky, lucky me. However, no ER visit was had, and I don’t think there’s been a single reunion where we haven’t been to the ER for one of us… still waiting for that particular axe to fall.
Alrighty then…..

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    So are you looking like Marcia Brady after she got blindsided by the football? You poor thing. The hubster is at Zion’s camp for 4 days so I’m sitting here by my lonesome. I so wish you were here so I could come hang out at your place. Boo!

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    Your flappin to a diapup family right here! Although now that Brandon has a new job with a little pay raise I’m thinking of making the switch. I’m sure it will be a breath of fresh air.

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