A Little Piece of History

Today we went to the 4th of July Parade. Timpview High School Marching band was the second marching band of the parade (right after Provo High School).
Pst…. I was the Drum Major at Timpview High School 11 years ago… They have the same uniforms today as the day we got them 14 years ago. I became a tad nostalgic for those days in high school. I knew someone from almost every band marching (shockingly enough, I may have had a crush on several of them). They annouced MY name as the band went past, people yelled MY name as I struted my Drum Major bravado in front of them (ok, and my co-drummajor’s as well, but let’s not go there)…. I really had a great experience in band, and I’m fairly sure it’s the reason I allow my husband to do so much for it. I know how much those kids have riding on the line. I really felt like our director had our hearts has #1 in his book… we would’ve done anything for him… so I have a pretty good idea of why kids love to come to our house to play Settlers of Catan.
Anyway, I am really trying to keep this on a positive note, about how great band was for me. I also have a really hard time as Timpview goes past… and let’s just say I didn’t go searching out their director to give him a big hug. Instead, I had tropical snow tigers blood all over my pants, and the great thing is I enjoyed the parade today just as much as I did 11 years ago.

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    Oh how I miss the Provo 4th of July pararde. My family all went today.. made me a little sad that I wasn’t there.

    Good ol’ high school memories…love ‘em!

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    When Timpview marched by, I leaned over to Joel and said, “I wonder which kid is wearing your old uniform?”

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    Nice to blast back to the past sometimes. Glad you could be there for the parade.

    p.s. We LOVE Settles of Catan…have you tried Knights and Cities yet? It rocks.