My Thoughts on this Thursday evening…

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Our automatic sprinklers didn’t come-on while we were gone. Thankfully, we have saints for neighbors who noticed our browning grass and soaked it, I’m sure it’ll come back to life soon… but those of you who know my obsession with my lawn know how irritated I am (btw, my lawn is never green… I’m just obsessed with it).

Drew put-up the bookshelves in the office. Although it’s kinda crowded in there, I truly feel like it’s a great solution. Good storage, extra bed, there’s space to throw luggage if someone came to stay. For anyone who’s wondering we used these shelves on one wall, we got the 5X5 squares in the dark brown. It looks really cool in there. The kids bed should arrive someone next week and we will then, officially have a guest room. Anyone wanna come stay?

Last night, I had an 18 week spanish speaker who had abdominal pain. Turns-out the abdominal pain may have been because she was having TWINS. The MD came in and did an ultrasound and found out right there. She was crying… that’s big news, and kind of late in the game for me… but I’m funny that way.

My MIL sent me this thing about common household products used for different things then their intended purposes. She had a great one:
Smart splinter remover …just pour a drop of Elmer’s Glue-All over the splinter, let dry, and peel the dried glue off the skin. The splinter sticks to the dried glue. Has anyone tried this? I mean, Conner is SUCH a whiner about slivers… it’d be great if it’d work! I love it when common products have other uses.

Ok, thoughts are done, time for bed. And yes, I do need a life.

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    cool shelves! I hope I can come over and see the finsihed “guest room.” Maybe I can be the first one to use it when i come back to visit. Hahahahaha

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    Never heard of the glue thing, but I have heard something similar with tape. Tried it (just put tape on the splinter and pulled it up and out) and it worked great.

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    The shelves are awesome, we have the dark brown 5×5 in our family room and they make a great distraction to the enormous big screen t.v.! Aside from it being a bit of a pain to dust, we love it and I’m sure it’ll be cool guest room. Someday if we ever make it back that way we make take you up on the offer to use it!

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    We just got back from a 3 day visit to the coast to find out that our sprinklers had been off the entire time. Why? Because I turned them off for Troy to mow and forgot to turn them back on. So our grass is decidedly browner thanks to the 100+ degree weather while we were away. Bummer.

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