Put on your black ladies

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The scrapbook table is gone my friends.
We are converting our current office/scraproom into an office/scraproom/guestroom. But in order to accomodate Conner’s old bed, we needed to get rid of my nice long scrapbook table.
It’s truly a day of mourning my friends.
But, on brighter notes, we’re getting a really cool shelving unit from Ikea to go on one wall, and we got a new filing cabinet to go by it (to replace to two 2 drawer ones that we currently have). I really like how it’s starting to shape-up, and I will still have my sewing cabinet that I can scrap on top of… but gals, I think we all know it just isn’t the same.

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    I’m crying for you…as of yesterday, mine’s gone too. (Not that I’ve used it much lately). Can’t wait to see how the new shelves work out though!!

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