Transitioning to the bunkbeds

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Huh, already wrote this once, but I guess it didn’t go through.
So, our bunkbeds are coming tomorrow. I was wondering if my peeps had ideas about transitioning Spencer into a bunkbed. He isn’t currently getting out of the crib, so it’s not a necessity that he be in a bed, but I’m wondering if, with all the excitement with the new bed coming, we should just put him in it then.
Does anyone have experience in this area?

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    It’s hard to know. We put up Ashton’s Big Boy Bed long before we planned to put him into it, hoping he’d learn to like it and WANT to sleep in it. He transitioned himself (3 days before the baby was born, argh!) and it really only took two nights for him to stay in it. We kept the crib up and used it to threaten him…had to use it a few times, but he learned his lesson. Once Spencer is in his big bed, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY! Without getting mad we simply kept putting him back in the bed. First night he was out of bed 27 times!! Second night 3 times and stayed in bed on the third night! Long story short, I don’t think there’s a wrong way to do it, but I sort of side with letting HIM be the one to decide to go in the big bed. I could be wrong, but it worked pretty well for us, even if it was bad timing according to me!

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