Friday, August 25, 2006

Big news

A) Lunchables are on sale at Albertsons -- 75 cents each if you buy 20. They're on a 20 for 20 promotion, and then if you buy 20, you get 5 dollars off. Sweet. We've stocked up... :)
B) Hilary is now charging for photo sessions. I've had a fair amount of interest, and because I am realizing how much time editing and the actual shoot are taking away from my home life, I've just decided it's time to charge. Stay tuned for info on pricing (or call if you're interested). OR, if you have a nice idea on how much I should charge... feel free to leave a comment here.
C) More scrapbook pages (gasp)


  1. Wow! You haven't been charging for your photo sessions????? Incredible! I have no idea how much you should charge, but I'm glad you'll finally be charging SOMETHING! You are really talented...

  2. We also cashed in on the Lunchables....awesome deal!

  3. Hillary,
    Random contact from me again, but for info on charging for photo sessions and such I'd check out and visit the Pro forum and just ask their advice on pricing. Lots of questions in there about that. You could even look up what has been said in the past. My wife follows your blog and told me you were starting to charge:)

  4. Good thinking! I think you should look on some professional websites and see what their pricing is. You are just as good or better than most professionals I have seen. I am glad I get one of the last freebies, I can't wait to have precious photos of little Farrah. (I would have paid you if you hadn't given it to me as a gift, but am glad it was a gift hee, hee.)


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