Thursday, August 31, 2006

eh hem....

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I'm amazing, aren't I? This too could be yours... for a price... :)
Here's the nitty-gritty. I am thinking 400 bucks for the whole shoot. Now, before you gasp in horror, realize that I do a LOT of behind the scenes editing of my photos. It's not just the 1-2 hour photo shoot. Just ask any of the people above. These shots do not look this great out of the camera. Except for the one of the boys, that was straight from the camera, but I felt bad not having them on there. The 400 dollars would cover up to 4 people in the session. If there's more, you need to email me for a quote and to discuss if someone else could better meet your needs.
Also, that would be for everything -- the whole CD (or DVD), images, slideshow, and decorative cover -- including a copyright release for you to print as many pictures as you want, wherever you want (and I'm happy to provide recommendations and up to 5 fixes of prints on the CD -- re-cropping, lightening, etc.). The CD will have almost all of the shots I took of you and your family during the session and the ones I like will be enhanced, converted to black and white or sepia (your choice) and cropped.
So, that's the story.
Oh, and if you're a friend of mine, or a ward member, or an employee at O'Connor. I have one word for you.
A healthy one. At least for the time being. Email me, let's chat.


  1. I think that is definitely a fair price for all the work that goes in to your work. I know how long editing alone takes! You should charge even more, ha, ha...

  2. Congrats on making it official, good luck with it, and don't geel guilty, it takes a lot of time away from your fam.

  3. Seems kinda high by texas standards but everything's cheaper here oh and there wouldn't be a copyright release which is priceless right. If you've called around there you probably found your the deal of the century.

  4. It's about time! You are worth paying for. I think $400 is a steal for amount of pics you take. Good for you!


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