Monday, August 28, 2006

he's at school and I'm here....

Alrighty peeps, that was WAY worse then Kindergarten. That first week, I think Kindergarten was like an hour the first day, 1:30 the next, maybe 2 hours... anyway, by the time the week was over you were ready to send them to the army just to be done with the whole pick-up drop-off thing.
We did the whole name thing, and he ran right in... I stayed looking dumb for a few minutes... and then I left.
Mrs. Dobson seems perfectly nice, but I had to sing marching band music when I saw her to prevent myself from crying.
I hate new things, I hate change. I'm pretty sure I should re-name my blog "i hate change."
Had a little tear on the way home and now I'm ready to GO GO GO, just have a great day with Mr. Spencer, concentrating on him, and his needs.
ETA: Right after I wrote this, Spencer had a NICE big accident, the solid variety to remind me, as the LDS song says-- "you're not alone."


  1. Poor spencer...later in life he'll find his potty training failures published on the World wide web.

  2. miranda6:20 PM

    I totally agree with you I am not a fan of change either. I thought kindergarten was hard, wow, next year will kill me.


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