Monday, August 21, 2006

I am forgetting Rule #1

Rule #1 with kids -- when you're with them, don't try to get anything else done. Sometimes things just get done, but don't plan on it, and don't force it.
My voice is tired from all of the yelling and BOY am I in a rotten mood.
With all these baby shoots I've been spending so much time editing, and I've also been trying to clear-off my computer. Anyway, I need to let it all drop (including blog entries, but I'm doing this while Conner has an assignment to write down all his summer reading books so he can go get a freebie at the library).
Problem is, I don't know how to let things drop. I feel so compelled to finish things, I can't just set them aside and realize it'll get done later, instead I like to yell and get frustrated and mad. Does anyone else ever get this way?
I must admit that these tendancies were nice in college, when it was just me. I'm talking REALLY nice. I always had stuff done before the deadline, and I studied well (just didn't test well, haha).
Anyway... wanna see more of Ms. Maren (btw, thinking of just mis-spelling the kid's name in every video that I do -- kind of make it my 'signature')(and I did fix it on the video I gave Angie).... look here.


  1. I always feel overwhelmed, I am really good, at overbooking my calendar, especially being a single parent and all, j/k

  2. As for the photos, the 3 hand photo was one of my favorites! I thought it was a great. Look at you go Miss Hilary...

  3. I wanna be more like you when I grow up... I don't do well at staying on task. Look at my scrapbook albums... each one is about 75% done and then I'm over it and move on... same for my laundry, my housework, all my other projects. I seriously need help.

    So embrace your compulsions and feel lucky that you are a finisher.

  4. Hillary,
    I don't know you, but apparently we were in the same ward. I had a few random questions for you. I much enjoyed your baby photos (we saw the Wycherlys and the Van Dykes photos) and I was curious of which lens(es) you used? Also how long do you take for the photo shoot? About how many pictures do you normally take? Just curious...
    P.S. You can contact me at


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