Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm trying to make a buck or two

Thought I'd try Google's Adsense, because I have so many hits... fairly sure I'm not going to make a cent.
Is it bugging anyone that it's there?
I tried to make it fairl unobtrustive, so if you were just checking my latest post you won't even see my fancy ads...
Mostly, I wanted to see what it would put advertisements about.
Note: Currently, they are all about potty training.
They know a target audience when they see one. :)


  1. Let me know when you make your first million.

  2. LOl, that's so funny they are about potty training - which by the way congrats that it's going so well! I'm so jealous, but then again I'm so lazy I haven't made another effort. You are inspiring me to want to start though and be rid of one set of diapers.

  3. Wow - that is scary how much the ads cater to your blog! There is even one for pulled pork - yummy!! Don't think that adsense would work for me since I have like 5 people that see my blog!!


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