Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Longest Years

Today is my anniversary.... well, Drew and my anniversary. People, I have been married 9 years now. We always say we're going to do something very fun and exciting. We never do. Much like the day we got married, our anniversary falls very near band camp, and we all know what havoc band camp causes to the Ericksons.
I just wanted to say that Drew is an A#1 husband. He's attentive, he's great with the boys. Can't get enough of him. Wish I saw him more.
Maybe in another 9 years from now....
P.S. After having our phones for 6 months I FINALLY figured out how to upload photos to my blog from my phone (well, really my phone to my computer)... check how exciting the blog is going to be NOW?


  1. typical utah...love the pic. happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! You and I were married four days apart from each other! (Same year too...) good year that '97.

    Congrats and here's to another 999 years (and eternity too...)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Can you believe how fast time flies by? Don't feel bad about doing not much of anything. We're the same way. Staying married is what counts, right?


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