Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Mini-Trip

We just got back from our mini-trip to the new Sacramento Temple. Usually, temples are only for adult worthy members but prior to a temple being dedicated, it is open for the public to take tours through. We thought it was a great opportunity for our kids. We had an FHE last night about the importance of temples and some of the things we'd see there. We also stayed at the Rancho Cordova Residence Inn (thanks to Drew's cousin, Valerie and her Marriott reward points) last night and had a nice time being together as a family and forcing Conner into some swim lessons without his floatie.
BUT, back to the temple.
We watched a little film (which Spencer decided to lay on the floor and suck his thumb, rather than view) about temples and then we had a tour. The temple is amazing, very beautiful. I think it made an impression on Conner, at least I hope it did. Temples arne't scary, there aren't big secrets but they're something you should only experience when you're ready. Thankfully -- he won't be ready for a while. Then, after a stop at Baker's square for lunch (and pie -- you've gotta have a treat after going to the temple) we headed home.

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip! I love to see the temple...(humming in my head)! At least S just layed there and sucked his thumb. K would have been climbing all over hte place trying to do who knows what!


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