Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spilling it

Alright my friends, I have to say something, and I have to say it now.
My friends are all moving me, and I have a huge paranoia that I am going to be the only person left in Santa Clara... I'll have to drive hours and hours to find anyone I can befriend.
I am bitter.
It's honestly the worst part of living here. People don't stay here. i'm not one to judge, because we don't plan on staying here forever either, but it's so hard to plant your roots. Our ward is extremely transient, and poor Conner. His class used to have like 20 kids in it, and I think it has like 7 now, soon to be 6. Killing me. I just see as he grows up, it's going to be so hard to hold onto those friendships we hold dear. Each year seeing old ties broken, and having to forge new 0nes. And here's my biggest secret, i am not much of a friend "blacksmith." I don't introduce myself well, I don't meet new people well. Obviously, that is why God put me here. I'll be a freakin' missionary by the time we leave.


  1. I am with you on the non "blacksmithing" thing. I have the hardest time meeting new people! You would think I would be better at it, since I have had so much practice moving around but I am still not good at it. Luckily for me I had Brittany here to get me going!

  2. Same problem here. After five years we are by far the long timers. So where DO you see yourself going after Santa Clara? I have an itch to go to Boise. Wanna come?

  3. We've been in places like that and it does make it hard to see every one coming and going. So we've solved it by moving to the boonies where everyone loves new people and hardly anyone leaves. Come live by us!

  4. I know it is the worst! Even though we will be one of "those" people that move...it is still really hard ofr us. We have seen everyone start moving before us and it is the pitts! I hate the change. Maybe we can just kidnap everyone then NOONE can leave....what do ya think?


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