Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yes 'm goin' to the potty, potty...

So... not this week, but the week after that, we're going cold turkey potty training. I think it works better than easing into wet carpets with pull-ups.
Anyway, my big plan is to go straight into underpants next Monday. Then, it's to the potty every 5 minutes, with a juice box every hour... jelly beans for sitting on the potty, and some other magnicifent prize (starburst, or something like that) if there is production.
I have a friend who did a little chart and they got a sticker each time they went, and then when they filled the chart they got a prize, thinking about doing that as well...
Anyway, does anyone else have potty training hints that are tried and true? Thought it'd be easier before Conner's in school and before we have to start staying inside more...
Anyway, so excited... can you tell?


  1. Fun for you. Good luck. My #1 rule is no pull-ups except if there is sleep involved.

  2. Amen about the Pull-Ups, just stick him in "unders" and stick to your plan! Sounds well thought out and I bet he'll do great.......How are the bunk beds coming along??

  3. Miranda Gordon2:03 PM

    I have used the book "toiliet training in less than a day" and it has TOTALLY worked with my two kids. It uses a lot of the same ideas you have. I actually have the book if you would like to borrow it. Best of luck, I know how exciting toilet training is.


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