Friday, September 15, 2006

And Now A Word from Our Sponsor

My mom is bitter that I didn't mention how she's basically sewing my kids costumes over the phone.
Frankly, the pattern makers suck my friends. I can never understand anything they're saying, and for almost every step I have to call my mom.
Now THAT is talent folks.
Truly, she's been great about it. Especially since I was a sewing class drop-out after making 2 left legs to a nice set of knit overalls I was making in high school (hot, I know).


  1. Gotta love moms!

  2. I just want to totally agree about pattern makers writing the instructions in some language that may LOOK like English, but it really isn't. The pictures are the only thing that saves me. And yes, often my mother. :) For some reasons, moms understand the crazy pattern language better than we do I guess.


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