Thursday, September 07, 2006

Big Kid

Every mother fantisizes... the day that child's going to go to school, especially full day school. And one day they'll be able to just jump out of the car and go on their own... and then you realize you wish school would just take your two year old and you'd happily take the six year old home with you to help you with your housework.
So, Conner just jumped out the van this am, and said he didn't need me to walk him in. He followed the crossing guard at all the right times, and I watched him til' I couldn't see him anymore. He has also figured out that now that Spencer can get in the car on his own sometimes I forget to do his seatbelt, Conner is reminding me when he's not done-up (yipes, glad he's there, and now when he's not -- I hear him reminding me).
Every single day kids get a little bigger. It bugs me, but he's been doing it since he was born!
I wonder when exactly that stops. I don't really feel like I'm truly growing as a person every day. I know there are days that I do, but then there are other days when I feel like absolutely nothing got done, other then some laundry and housework. I do believe that's part of it, when God says, "become like a child." We do need to grow a little bit every day.
My job, is just to make sure it's an "inner growth" and not a widening one. :)
BTW, did the buns workout on On Demand today.

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  1. Chloe FREAKS out if I forget to buckle her in and start to drive off...and thank goodness she does. :)


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