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I belong to several scrapbooking message boards (shocker, I know) but we do a lot of constructive criticism groups. Right now I’m in a Kiddie CC group — doing pictures of our kids, better.
I’m guessing it’s what every mom wants.
Anyway, if anyone’s interested, I think it’d be fun to share photographs and we could all talk about what would make them better, and what we love about them.
Anyway, I’d love to do it, if anyone’s interested.

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    Sorry, not much of a very good picture taker. Wouldn’t want to be humiliated by comparing mine to anyone elses. I’ll just quietly put them in a scrapbook (someday) and let my descendants talk badly about them when I’m dead!

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    Hey, I am interested, dont think I am much good, but have a lot of family asking me to take pics and stuff of thier kids, I am workig on a baptism announcement. I will post it when I am done

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