Friday, September 08, 2006

'Cus I'm Hooked...

On feelin' fine and I'm hooked, on knowing... blah, dee, blah...
Alright, did anyone else work out with their moms to Hooked on Aerobics? I remember each of us having our little sweat suits on and me running down the stairs so I could show my mom that I could do the whole thing with the "high effort guy" (and I usually plopped down on the couch about 10 minutes into the show saying how tired I was). Anyway, this show is STILL on BYU tv on Saturday mornings (although word on the street is that they're bringing it back without the leg warmers and fancy clothes -- hopefully better music). I tivo'd it last week. It was so funny watching it. But I did notice a few things (both good and bad):
1. Hello... I am SO glad for low-impact aerobics! I do my workouts right after I get up, in my jammies and then I go run get a shower before me and the kids scoot out for school. Hence, I don't have a bra on, or really good shoes. I'm not a big fan of jumping around that early in the morning. 'Nuf said.
2. I appreciated how easy their exercises are. Seems like a lot of the tapes I do now are so complicated and you need a step and weights and a thighmaster. I just appreciated that aerobics really is something everyone can do at any time.
Anyway... I think that's about all I noticed. Besides the fac that the 80's was a time of bad colors and bad hair, although that didn't have much to do with the program.
potty training update: Spencer is now sleeping in big boy underpants (no pull-ups) at night. I hear a bit of the messiah singing as I type these words. Wonder what fun stuff I can get at Costco now that I'm not spending grundles on diapers.


  1. Who said their clothes aren't fancy in the new one? :)

    Have fun spending your diaper money!

  2. Miranda1:00 PM

    That is fantastic about the potty training, Congrats!

  3. You crack me up! Keep Tivo'in the show and we'll have a weekly laugh night.

  4. LOL! I totally remember that excercise program. I remember thinking that the middle lady had big puffy hair and they always had a kitchen chair. Good times!

  5. I'm jealous since Eden still wears a pull-up to bed at night and 50/50 on dry nights. We celebrate with him when it's dry.

  6. Not only is that crazy show on BYU tv but I found two others that I recorded thinking they might be of interest. One was some goofy lady doing yoga in what appears to be the early 80s and another one was a stretching show perhaps from the later 80s. I went a deleted them from my record list.

  7. I love your sense of humor! I could hear the choir singing as you typed it.


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