Denise Austin, my Arch Nemesis, and other news…

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I truly hate Denise Austin. I do. I’ve hated her for a while. She’s so freaking perky at times when I want to give her shaken-aerobics-instructor-sydrome. But, this past week I’ve been trying to work-out more. My big plan is 90 minutes of video work-outs, 90 minutes of walking (both of those figures are per week) and controling portions and snacking. I think I’ve done pretty well so far. I need to work on the portions and snacking. That was my definate downfall this week. Anyway, back to me and Denise. I did the routine that she tapes for Lifetime (I am Tivo-ing a bunch of different ones, as well as using exercise TV to supplement). It wasn’t too bad… felt pretty good about it, but MAN am I sore now. Luckily, it’s the weekend and I have a bit of time to repair. We’ll see if I can compete with my bitter foe.
In other news…
we have a visitor from Mrs. Dodson’s class, TB. That’s short for “teddy bear” — I have a few pictures I hope to post soon. He gets to stay ALL WEEK (lucky us) and Conner is sure enjoying his visit. In the end we get to write a journal entry for all off TB’s adventures.
Oh, and we cut-down the bottle brush tree that we have in the back. It’s SO pretty with the pink bottle brushes, but they get EVERYWHERE and it’s rubbing against our fence. Just another little adventure for Mr. TB to enjoy.

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  1. says

    In January Denise Preston (that’s my mom) can be your arch nemesis…but hopefully she’ll end up being your friend instead.

    Can’t wait to see TB’s adventures…sounds like a fun class project.

  2. Rochelle says

    I can’t stand Denise Austin either! Can’t there just be a normal perkiness level? Plus the day after day of the same video..enough to make you crazy. I’ve switched to Pilates (you know, when I exercise on a monthly basis)…but that isn’t doing anything for cardio-wise. Ahh.

  3. says

    Youtubers are great fans of Denise Austin workout videos, and it’s not only for the fitness benefits! In some Washington DC newspaper story, someone asked Denise in April of 2007 if she knew she was the object of so much lust on YouTube. She said she was not aware. “Now I’m worried!” she reportedly said with a giggle. “I went to YouTube to see that autistic kid playing basketball in New York. That was wonderful. But that’s about it.” I wonder if she has ever read any of the comments and giggled.

    “Stretch Comedy: Exercise guru gets indecent exposure.,” Dave McKenna, Washington City Paper, April 20, 2007, Vol. 27, #16

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