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Ok, I’m totally with the people morning the loss of their loved ones.
But, at what point are we rewarded the terrorists by watching that crash and the collapse over, and over, and over.
I’m sad to say that I appreciated Rosie’s comments on The View today. I appreciate remembering how our country banded together afterwards, how there was a feeling of goodwill and people returned to church.
Anyway… those are my thoughts.
ALSO, made some new file folder games (mostly for Spencer) but I used magnetic stuff I got at Office Max.
A) Not loud in church like the velcro.
B) SO fun to do magnets… am I right?
Anyway, just thought I’d end the entry on a positive note.
On a sidenote: Conner’s school is really encouraging us to sign-up with escrip. I know a lot of my blog readers don’t have kids, or really like my kids. :) Anyway, if you shop at Safeway you’re just throwing away some money that could be going to the schools. You can also register credit cards, etc… but the Safeway card is an easy thing. You just go to www.escrip.com and fill out the information. If you care, Conner’s school is Ponderosa School FNC (#500002816) when you go to put groups that your $ goes towards, put this. They’re not going to hassel you with crap, but they will give money to the schools. Anyway, just my plug for the day. If you don’t have your safeway # (like me) you can call 1-877-723-3929

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    I have been bookmarking sites for folder games and thought about doing the mags myself [great minds thing alike]I was wondering though if the thin strip mags would go through the laminater? I have one but was going to go the the teacher supply down the str from my work.Do you think it will go through? hmmmm…..

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