Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ever Want to Strangle a Patient

I have a fairly loyal RN group that reads my blog. My friend Brittany had this one posted on her blog.
When I saw the title, I just thought, "HOW many patients have I TOTALLY just wanted to strangle." I'm guessing she had just one of those days at work.
Snaps for her. :)
Let that be a lesson to all the burglar's out there. If you find scrubs in the closet. RUN.
Btw, as a sidenote to my last topic. I too agree that Rosie's views are so completely different then my own. I think for now she has some of those views belted in, but the instance she comes back as her pro-gay, pro-bashing everything I hold dear... well, I would wish Elizabeth would turn into the lion we all know she has in her. Or otherwise, I just won't be able to watch. I hope the view definately doesn't shift to the "left." I felt like it was pretty even'ish before. I just wrote a note to "The Viewmaster" on NBC stating my opinion. It does seem to me that the left side often is the VERY LOUD squeaky wheel. Time to start making some squeaks of my own.


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