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A lot of you have wondered about my whole file folder obsession. Currently (well, for the last 5 years or so) I have this book. The books come with a copyright release so that you can copy them at copy centers without a hassel. Here’s a link for some free ones, it also has places (on the right hand side) where you can buy the books to make more.
So, you color them, cut all the pieces out, glue the game part down to a file filder, and then take them all to get laminated (our local store does it for 29 cents/foot — seems like there’s some other places that are more, so shop around if you’re doing a lot of them. Yesterday I had 8 games laminated, and it took 12.4 feet). Then, you cut them out, put some sort of stick’um stuff on the back (I used to use Velcro, but this time I did magnets) and then voila. A file folder game. They have ones for reading, and math and all that kind of stuff… all sorts of ages think they’re fun. For a while I felt like the coloring and cutting in front of the TV was theraputic (and now I’m glad they’re just done). I highly recommend them.

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    i’m taking my file folders to be laminated today! yeah! thanks so much for the idea. i’m looking forward to my book coming in the mail too.

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    ps i sent you some pics of ethan that were done today. This lady stopped me in the mall and asked if she could take some of him for free. Luckily i was taking ethan’s Halloween costume back for a bigger size so we could take some in his costume. Anyway…they aren’t half as good as you do:( i miss you !!!!

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