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Last night at worked, I found-out that our hospital will be distributing fliers for this company when we have a fetal demise, or a baby in the nursery that has/is close to dying. This is the home page of the company.
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
WARNING: Those of you who have had just had a baby or are pregnant most likely do not want to view this site. It’s really touching, and amazing what these photographers do but, it may be a tad much for some of you.
Anyway, I emailed them last night wanting to know if I could qualify to be on their list of photographers. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a pro, but I would love to try if they need people, plus I might be better in this situation then someone who hasn’t done it before.
Anyway, I’ll let you guys know if they give me the go ahead.
Also, if you know of anyone who has lost a baby, these people will come to the hospital and photograph the baby. Let your friends know. They do it free of charge and I think priceless woudl most definately be the price put on something like this.

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    I actually saw this website when I was about 35 weeks pregnant with the baby I just delivered. I bawled then, and being the idiot I am, clicked on it and cried again. These pictures are so beautiful. And I’m so glad that this service is offered, cause it’s definitely needed.
    Right after I had my baby, I was at Sam’s, waiting to use the machine to have some pics printed. There were people on all the machines and it was almost time to close. After waiting for awhile, I finally decided to ask someone if they were almost done. When I did, they said “No, we’ll be awhile. We just lost our baby and are trying to get some pictures printed of her”. I felt like such a butt. I was just so thankful it wasn’t me that had lost my baby, but I felt so awful for them.

    Anyway, if you get picked to help out with this, that would be awesome. I don’t know if I could do it, I’d probably get too emotional.

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    What a great service, I think you would be a great person to capture the moments that they will hold close to thier hearts forever. Although it would be hard, the eternal perspective that some of us share makes the process a little less hard. Of course I clicked on the site and my heart just filled with sadness but at the same time hope.

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    What a good charity. You would be great since you have the L&D nurse background and you have faith so you never know how you can bless the people more than just taking photos!

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    I know you have the heart and soul to capture such tender moments. What a priceless treasure for families to have. Some people are so inspired to create such ideas.

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