Friday, September 29, 2006

Me and Spencer have a Broken Relationship

Scene: 7:15'ish, Spencer is sitting on the toilet while I put my makeup on.
Spencer: "What doin' mom?"
Hilary: "I'm putting on makeup so I can feel pretty sweetie."
Spencer: "Mamma not pretty, ok." (like, he added the OK just so I was sure I'd heard him right... being that it was a fact).
Seriously, we're home along together all day.
He needs to watch it.


  1. LOL! Well, Chloe told me the other day that I'm still fat. I told her that hurt my feelings and she said...well, you are still fat, right?

  2. I'll just remind you of the big butt comment Eden made to me. Mmhmm maybe if we switched kids they would compliment us. They're just sick of our mugs


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