My 6 year old Is an Eating Machine

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Well, I just have to say that it’s a good thing that I am restricting my intake as of late, because Conner is eating all my food.
Ever since we started first grade the kid eats like CRAZY. I’m talking like 3 or sometimes even 4 platefuls of food at night. And, it’s only on the days that he has school. He didn’t eat much at all this weekend.
Anyway, does anyone else’s kid have this “problem”?
I am hoping that when I visit Ms. Dobson’s class tomorrow she’ll raise my metabolism as well (I just can’t eat like Conner).

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    unfortunately, I don’t have this problem, although someday I hope for it, just so I know my kids are eating something to help them get a little bit bigger. You know how tiny my kids are! Here’s to hoping!

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