My Love for Lara Bush

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Did anyone see Lara Bush on the Today show this morning? I had just jumped out of the shower and was rushing to get dressed, and then I saw she was on. I just stopped. Seriously, I’m just entranced in this woman. I think she is the epitomy of class. I am always amazed at how she never has a harsh word for anyone, regardless of if they’ve just stomped on her husband or not.
Honestly, I feel better about President Bush just because she’s his wife, and I am guessing most Americans feel the same way.
She is what a first lady should be. She has her important issues that she pushes, and they seem to be things that are GIGANTIC world-wide issues. Health and literacy seem to be her pets, and I for one totally back her.
Classy, my friends. You can watch it online if you want.
Did the rest of my slow-robics today. What is it when you feel a popping every time you’re doing a move. I’m guessing it’s not good, probably not terribly bad but REALLY annoying.

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    She looks JUST like my mission president’s wife. So it always shocks me when she opens her mouth and this southern accent comes out.

    But yeah, I love our first lady. :)

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    I recently finished a biography on her (the authorized one) and I was so impressed with her after reading that. I think we are very fortunate to have such an educated, caring, and respectable woman as our first lady.

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    Ok – this is my claim to fame. When I lived in DC I was a camp couselor at Beauvoir (a high class Elem school that doubled as a camp in the summer). Anyway I had Barbara and ? in my class for two weeks(can’t remember the other twins name because my boys are yelling). Anyway Laura would pick them up (I guess they were visiting her in laws – he was VP at the time). She was so nice and unassuming. Totally agree that Bush scores points with me just because of Laura.

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