Monday, September 18, 2006

My Love for Lara Bush

Did anyone see Lara Bush on the Today show this morning? I had just jumped out of the shower and was rushing to get dressed, and then I saw she was on. I just stopped. Seriously, I'm just entranced in this woman. I think she is the epitomy of class. I am always amazed at how she never has a harsh word for anyone, regardless of if they've just stomped on her husband or not.
Honestly, I feel better about President Bush just because she's his wife, and I am guessing most Americans feel the same way.
She is what a first lady should be. She has her important issues that she pushes, and they seem to be things that are GIGANTIC world-wide issues. Health and literacy seem to be her pets, and I for one totally back her.
Classy, my friends. You can watch it online if you want.
Did the rest of my slow-robics today. What is it when you feel a popping every time you're doing a move. I'm guessing it's not good, probably not terribly bad but REALLY annoying.


  1. She looks JUST like my mission president's wife. So it always shocks me when she opens her mouth and this southern accent comes out.

    But yeah, I love our first lady. :)

  2. I recently finished a biography on her (the authorized one) and I was so impressed with her after reading that. I think we are very fortunate to have such an educated, caring, and respectable woman as our first lady.

  3. I too LOVE her. Very very classy!

  4. Ok - this is my claim to fame. When I lived in DC I was a camp couselor at Beauvoir (a high class Elem school that doubled as a camp in the summer). Anyway I had Barbara and ? in my class for two weeks(can't remember the other twins name because my boys are yelling). Anyway Laura would pick them up (I guess they were visiting her in laws - he was VP at the time). She was so nice and unassuming. Totally agree that Bush scores points with me just because of Laura.


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