Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Visit to First Grade

So, today I sat in the guise of helping Ms. Dodson to spy on Conner. But, on a sidenote-- can you BELIEVE all the prep it takes to be a lower-grade teacher? All the cutting out and the papers... i-yi-yi... happy to bein the guise of helping while actually spying any time (esp. if Rowena wants to watch Spencer).
So... Conner is doing a great job. It seems like he's good to sit in his chair (at least for the bit of time I saw). He shared willingly with the class. He's doing well at his work. I'm so glad he's doing fine.
Ms. Dodson is so great. I appreciate how into manners she is, and how she helps them. We definately did have a miracle occur to get her.
And no... Ms. Dodson, I'm not just writing this because I know you read my blog.
Although, I do know that you read my blog. :)
On a brighter side note -- no accidents from Mr. Spencer since the first day of school. Feel the joy... isn't it warm and fuzzy?
Oh yeah, and I'm not the only published person in this house. Check out Mr. C. and a bit about our visit from TB.


  1. Conner likes to do his homework on Saturday? I'm impressed.

  2. Love it! How do fireflys grow? Or glow? I smashed one on our wall once in Michigan and its insides continued to glow long after it gave up the ghost... (please don't mention the death of the fly to little Conner, it might devastate him; but they can be pesky little buggers!)

  3. I'm glad your dealing with warm and fuzzy....not warm and wet!

  4. Anonymous7:40 PM

    How funny, I do read your blog. I follow all the adventures of T.B. But you can still bad mouth me on here if you need to, I'm not sensitive. Thank you again for your help!

    Miss Dodson

  5. What an artist the likeness is amazing


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