Saturday, September 09, 2006

Poor Elizabeth on the View

So, since Rosie has gone to The View, I've been tivo'ing and watching it in th afternoons as I either fold laundry, work on the kids costumes or work on file folder games.
I just feel sorry for poor Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I mean, can you IMAGINE being on a show with Rosie, Joy and the ever-fabulous (at least in her own mind) Barbara Walters? I do often feel like she can't get a word in and she's just running along trying to compete (perhaps even feeling like she's back on Survivor).
Anyway, I wonder if people around me ever feel like that -- that they can't get a word in... I hope not. Although, I rarely feel like I'm in the "trying to stay-up with the group) mode (unless we're running, and then I have obvious problems).


  1. I am ashamed to admit that I too have submitted to the guilty pleasure of watching The View with Rosie. And yes - Elizabeth struggles to get a word in edgewise aaand is the only conservative "View"point of the 4 hosts - which means if we're looking for an unbiased "View", we're not going to get one on this show unless Elizabeth is given the chance to represent her perspective on an issue. Anyway, I have found Rosie to be pretty funny and un-crazy for these first few shows, maybe she has chilled a little?

    And catching up with your other posts: Yay for big-boy underwear on Spencer! Hooray for Conner starting 1st grade!! And a pat on the back to you for the aerobics. We need to go walking soon...

  2. I enjoy watching rosie but she's having a hard time adjusting to a show with multiple hosts. She seems to believe she's a one woman show again.

  3. I have had mixed feelings on whether to watch or not. I just feel that Rosie stands for everything that I stand against. She went on a huge hate rage for a while and now playing the normal and innocent routine on the view. my view is that she is a fake. On a happier not, love Elizabeth ever since she was on survior and if I turn on the view it is only becuase of her, she is keeping the show alive for a lot of us.

  4. I rarely watch it and I always felt sorry for Elisabeth, even before Rosie came along. Nobody ever gave her "view" much time. And she's pretty much the only one with her head on straight. (That's my view anyway)


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