Saturday Is a Special Day

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I am really trying to get into my Saturdays. Make them productive, instead of a day to lay around the house (which is also nice, but probably not the most useful piece of time). Lately I’ve been trying to tidy each room really well as well as working on our yard. I think it makes it easier to be more relaxed on Sunday and take that time to spend with my family and friends.
Saturday is also a VERY special day when we get a babysitter. We had one tonight (lucky us). Drew and I had dinner at Max’s (I didn’t even get dessert, I’m so good), then went to Toys R Us to look for lightsabers for our halloween costumes, and a giant potty prize for Spencer (who only had one accident today, and I attribute it to a temporary brain lapse by our usually, excellent, babysitter).
We also spent some time at the Art and Wine festival. The kids had a nice time. We got to go through a fire safety house, where at the end they got to jump out a window and then get a fireman’s hat for completing the course. Hello…. lucky. Oh, and free ballons. Talk about the good times.
OH, and I got a nap. Feelin’ pretty stellar.

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    OHH – what are you being for Halloween???? We are total Star Wars fans and last year the boys were both Darth Vaders. Which reminds me I have not finished the layouts from last year. Ugh!

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