Monday, September 25, 2006

Time Goes By...

Check me out, taking pictures of my OWN children. It was actually fun. I don't think I've taken a picture in WEEKS, glad to be back in it. Conner is home today, it's teacher prep day. Aka,

Drew's gone, Conner's not.

BTW, we support Karen Hardy for City Council. FYI.

The Primary Program was yesterday, Conner did a rockstar job. He had one of the longest parts, he had it memorized and he didn't even freeze when he got up there to say it. Mucho proud. I always get a little weepy during the primary program. I just know that these are kids who are trying hard to choose the right. It's a happy thing.

Alright, off to plan some FHE.


  1. Cute pictures.

    Our primary program was yesterday, too. But, alas, Bria always freezes up in front of people. But, she said her line, so I was mucho proud.

  2. I think I've told you this before but...make sure to give special thanks to that saint like primary president. Those programs are so much work. But like you said- worth it.

  3. That is so great about the Primary program. We are working here on our boy's part and I sure hope he does great too. It's so fun to see them up there - but nervewracking too!

  4. Great job with the helmets, way to keep them safe and keep you out of the ER.

  5. Hooray for pictures of your own kids! You have been one busy lady 'round these parts with babies...just glad to see your own cute kids too,


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