Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Tomato Plant That Is Going To Eat Us

Ok, seriously. The Plant is taller then Spencer, it's wider then Spencer, and I'm fairly sure it ways about 5 times as much as the little lad. It's taking over its former neighbors, the peppers, beans and soon it will be to the far end of the town to the cucumber family!!!!
I doubt it. However, I did prune today and harvest from it. We got 15 tomatoes from it just today. Heavens knows we can't eat them all. If anyone wants any, you can email or call us. I'm letting them be a free for all, so first come first served.


  1. Hey, I am always up for fresh tomatos. I'll take some off your hands. Good job with the garden. I am jealous.

  2. You have got to save me a tomato! I still haven't had one to cure my craving... You gotta help a preggo out!

  3. Need a salsa recipe?

  4. I'm jealous... tomatoes straight from the garden are my favorite.

  5. oh and that's a super cute picture!


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