Saturday, October 07, 2006

Birth Annoucements

Perhaps some of you were unaware of my deeper skills -- digital designing. I do birth annoucements, Christmas cards... you name it, I do it. Wanted to post a few of them, showing off... and a lot of you wanted to see Alivia's birth annoucement and I didn't show you.... I was waiting for Emily to post it before I did. Can't believe how big she's getting Emily!


  1. Okay, for a second before I scrolled down and only saw the pic withyour boys, I thought you were announcing you were pregnant, lol.

    p.s. Love the announcements - so elegant!

  2. Rochelle3:54 PM

    These are fabulous! I LOVE that birth announcement. You are sto talented with all this digi stuff.

  3. Great Christmas announcement and BEAUTIFUL birth aanouncement! Gorgeous baby too;) We'll keep her.

    You have skills girl.


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