Sunday, October 15, 2006


My friend Miranda was sweet enough to ask me to take their family's pictures. Aren't they adorable? Again, on the "real" video it says each family member's name at the beginning, but I took it off to preserve some shred of privacy. :) So, there's about 10 seconds of blank screen at the beginning... just enjoy the music. :)

Want to see more?


  1. Another successfull photo shoot, good job, they are such a cute fam.

  2. miranda3:00 PM

    Thanks Hilary, we love the pictures. You are so mucho talented.

  3. Wow! You r getting so good. They are all awesome!

  4. Love the pics! And what's up with all those big beautiful blue eyes? What a handsome family!

  5. You do some really neat work! Such a talent. Can I call you sometime? My baby is coming soon :o)

  6. Nice pictures and a very cute family. The color combo with the fall colors are very nice.I like the mom and child pictures. Hope you got some with dad and child too.My favorite. The little guy in the leaves.The color are just awesome. Wish I had some of those long legged jeans. [I mean GENES]You're a great photographer! Cudos to you

  7. Cute fam. Great pics! Way to go miss Hillyut! :)


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