Good Old Customer Service

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Don’t you love it when a company treats you right? I placed an order with and they made a small error. They’ve gone WAY above and beyond trying to fix it. Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?
On a sidenote, Conner and I had date night last night. We started out at the bank to start him a savings account. I was amazed at how they all thought it was so cute with him and his giant bag of coins (that he’s been saving for over a year). I mean, don’t most kids start a savings account anymore? Or is it the parents with the 529 and they just let the kids spend, spend, spend?
Then, we went bowling, I broke 100 (121 to be exact — I was pretty proud) and Conner got 77. He did really well, and not ONCE did we have to ask the attendant to re-roll a stopped ball. This is progress, my friends.
Then, it was off to Costco to eat (Conner only gets 20 dollars to spend, and he’d spent $14.00 at the bowling ally, so Costco was the only place I thought we could eat for 6 bucks. And eat we did. :) We then made a visit for the crowning touches to the boy’s halloween costumes. Belts.
They’re complete now, courtesy of the goodwill.
I have only goodwill, for the Goodwill… but DANG do I miss DI.

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    That is so fun that you do date night with your kids. I miss DI too! I don’t think I had a savings account growing up until I graduated from high school. I guess I just lived off quarters, nickels, and dimes when I was little and that was spent on penny candy trips to the local store. I did have a job in junior high and high school, just no savings account. I do think it is a good idea though.

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    So I started a savings account with London and still need to do Sids, but I usually do it for thier first birthday, we just save all the extra change lying around. And give it to the girls, it is amazing how it adds up.

  3. says

    Great idea about the savings accounts. B’s rich now…she got 12 dollars for her birthday (more than I have…).

    And, FYI, Goodwill in AZ was WAY better than the DI there. So, you probably don’t miss it too much.

  4. says

    I so hear you on the DI. Every time I have to force myself to go into the Goodwill I think about how much I miss the good ol’ Deseret Industries.

    So cute that you took him on a date night. I think that’s such a great idea. When I was really young my parents took us on dates and I loved it.

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