Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm so Mormon

Do you (and I am speaking to my LDS friends, but the rest of you can get a nice giggle out of this too) ever think... that was SO Mormon of me?
On Sunday I made a casserole, and I made enough to freeze another one. Who knows if we'll eat it or another family who's in need of an easy meal.
After I popped it in the freezer, I thought, "that was so Mormon of me."
Other things that make me Mormon -- sewing my ENTIRE family's halloween costumes, sewing my couch back together rather then getting a new one, putting patches in Conner's jeans (which, btw -- never works).
I think it's probably when I'm most thrifty, or most giving to others or my family. But, it always makes me giggle when I think that.
BTW, I totally know that I feel better since I've been working out, but no -- my clothes don't fit better, and I dont think i've lost inches (I've done that before with little progress). I'm just really feeling bummed about it. We are about to close month #2 of my little work-outs. Each month I plan to add a new thing (this month I added not eating after 7 pm) until I either lose weight or end-up on a funny farm.


  1. Not eating after seven is sooo hard, especially after a long day with kids, and other mom stuff, and you finally get the kids to bed and the cookies look sooooo yummmmy.

  2. Your crazy- I do 730 and that extra half hour makes all the difference.


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