It’s Monday Again

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Did the kickboxing routine on All Star Workouts. Let’s just say they worked me, hard — and I still don’t feel like an all star.
Drew’s lost like 4 pounds.
I don’t know if it’s correct, because he weighed at different times, but I swear if it’s truly that much when we check again next weekend I may just quit for good. I think I may have lost 1/2 a pound… but not sure (dang time changes).
Plus… with the whole womanly cycle shlameil… who knows if that’s true.
Anyway… I think I need a new partner. :)

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    Okay, every time Joel and I have done a diet together he loses like 10 times what I do. IT IS NOT FAIR! Last time on Weight Watchers he lost 30 and I lost 10…okay so 3 times. Feels like ten.

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