Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Last night was an awful night at work. Let's just say things were happening in the OR that I've only done a couple of times. Anyway, it was stressful, but one of the doctors I was working with had the FOULEST mouth. I couldn't BELIEVE the combinations he was saying. Even when the stress was over, apparently the swear word flood gates were still open becuase they continued to flow freely.
It just made me think how I instantly feel like people who swear a lot are a lower class then me. Now, I used to have a bit of a Sailor's mouth when I worked in the nursing home. Once I was pregnant with Conner, I worked really hard to get those words out of my vocabulary since I didn't want little mouths to be spouting what I had just said in a moment of stress.
Because of all the work I did to try and get those words out of my mouth, when I see other people taking their stress out on my ears I kind of put them amogst the smokers of this planet.
Look at me being all judgemental. :)


  1. Amen sister. Plus there's a difference between one word under stress and a string of them followed by a string of them in normal conversation. Just Ew.

  2. I'm completely with you on this one. Smoking and swearing are the two things I hate to be around in public (or anywhere).

  3. I hear ya! I have this friend, big guy, tatoo's everywhere, kind of hard guy, but with a huge heart... anyway he says that if he's dating a girl and she has a foul mouth that's the end of her... he likes his women classy... makes me giggle but I tell it to my YW... you gotta be a classy kind of gal!

  4. Sometimes I wonder why kind of education those people really have. You're a doctor and you talk like that?? It makes them sound stupid to me.

  5. It bothers me more when it's around my kids. Some of the guys at work slip occasionally, but they always apologize - it makes me feel good that they are considerate. Maybe this doctor missed the chilvalry lesson or was raised by a pack of wolves. I will admit you sounded a bit Utahn in that post, though- way to get back to your roots.


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